In November 2016, the nobel prize laureate David Gross visited the University of Southampton and delivered a public lecture on his research. David Gross was awarded the nobel prize in physics in 2004 for his discovery of asymptotic freedom. Asymptotic freedom describes how the strong nuclear force interaction between two particles (e.g. Quarks) becomes weaker the closer the two particles are. This means if you were to try and separate two quarks, the further you pull them apart the harder it becomes to separate them even more. It's like stretching an elastic band that never breaks. The more you stretch it, the harder it becomes to stretch even further. This means if you wanted to separate two quarks you would need an infinite amount of energy to do so.

As a part of this event, I was asked to produce a poster detailing my research aimed at a non-specialist audience. Please click on the image of my poster below to view.