This year I finally mustered up the courage and applied to take part in FameLab. FameLab is an international science communication competition. In this competition, each competitor has just three minutes to convey a scientific topic of their choice and they will be judged on clarity, charisma and content. I decided to take a little bit of a risk and delivered my whirlwind talk on time travel. The risk paid off, and to my delight, I made it through the heats to the London regional finals. For the finals, I had to create a completely new set, this time I chose intergalactic communication using gravitational waves.

My topics of choice may sound like science fiction, but the contents were 100% scientific fact, with a little bit of imagination on the possibilities of where science might one day lead. Unfortunately my FameLab journey here. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and certainly learnt a lot from it! If anyone is considering taking part, I highly recommend it. Who know's I might even give it another go myself.