This year I went to Cheltenham science festival for the first time. It was a fantastic experience! The festival has lots of amazing talks, demonstrations and plenty of hands-on activities. I was an 'interactive' in The MakerShack and University of Southampton's researchers cafe. I ran a comet making station in the MakerShack . This was great fun as I got to play with dry ice all day. The dry ice brought in plenty of curios cometeers to help me make the comets. The cometeers that visited the station learnt all about what comets: what they are made from and how they get their distinctive tail.

Researchers cafe is a regular event usually held in Southampton, but this year the University of Southampton Roadshow took the researchers cafe to Cheltenham Science Festival as a part of the Science Crawl around town on the Saturday evening. Researchers cafe is very informal. People are invited to chat with researchers about their work over a cup of coffee and maybe even a cake!